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31 December

TD Canada Trust Having A Meltdown

Happy New Year! I've been doing some last minute financial house cleaning today including opening a Tax Free Savings Account for my wife and attempting to do a lump sum payment on our mortgage. Setting up the TFSA took probably a little bit longer than it normally would have probably because a lot of people have left it to the last minute like we did. We were able to get that account set up for her though and overall it only took about 30 minutes on the phone (for some reason opening the account online for her didn't work).

Trying to make a lump sum payment on our mortgage is a different story. First I wanted to just take a look at our accounts online so I entered my login information into the Easyweb login screen. I got a message saying that "Your request could not be processed, please try again. If the problem persists please call Easyline." I tried again and got the same problem. So I called the Easyline number and was cheerfully greeted with... a busy signal. Ok, so it seems like everyone is having this problem. Hang up. Redial. Busy. Hang up. Redial. Busy. Hang up... After about 5 minutes of back to back redialing I finally heard a phone ring instead of the busy signal and the automated system picked up and asked me to enter my card number and access code. I then navigate through a couple layers of menus to get to the selection that I think will allow me to make a lump sum payment. The automated voice tells me that I am being transferred to a credit specialist and the next thing I hear is a fast busy tone. Nice, Easyline just hung up on me.

I go through the whole redial-busy-hangup-redial exercise again and after a few minutes I get through again (I should note that every other time that I can remember every calling Easyline I get through with no problems at all on the first try) and I navigate through the menus again to get connected to a credit specialist. This time I get properly put into the call queue and after a couple more minutes waiting on the line I get a live person on the phone. I tell them that I would like to make a lump sum payment on my mortgage and he tells me that he can't help me with that right now because their systems are down.

Lovely. Easyweb (and WebBroker, the web access to TD Waterhouse) is down and Easyweb is referring people to Easyline. I didn't try any of the automated features of Easyline but my bet is that if a live person can't do anything because their systems are down the automated system won't be able to do anything either. I could have saved about half an hour of time if the Easyweb screen said that they are having technical difficulties impacting Easyweb and Easyline account access (and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that branch account access is down as well) that they are working on resolving.

Hopefully they can resolve these issues quickly. I wonder if the TSX and TD Canada Trust have some systems from the same vendor...

Anyway, Happy New Year and I wish all me readers a prosperous 2009!

Update(@ 14:40): Easyweb seems to be up and running now so they resolved whatever issues they were having fairly quickly.

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