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11 October

Happy Thanksgiving, eh?

Happy Thanksgiving Monday to my fellow Canadians. We did the run around to all the family stuff on Saturday and Sunday. If you are in Southern Ontario now you need to get out to an area where you can enjoy the tree colours. The colours are spectacular right now and it will probably last for another week or two at most. I am going to try to get a picture up if the weather holds. It is looking a little bit grey out right now but this afternoon it is supposed to brighten up.

Yesterday we picked up a pumpkin while grocery shopping because I wanted to try my hand at making pumpkin pie. I have never made it before (I haven't even made a pie crust before so I am in for an adventure) and I didn't know that it requires condensed milk! I just figured that with some eggs, pumpkin, spices and flour I would be able to whip it up. I may delay this experiment until tomorrow (I took the day off work) or see if I can find a grocery store that is open so I can pick up some condensed milk.

I will also probably end up playing around with this site today so if things looked screwed up it is just me messing things up.

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