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Gas Experiment Update

Filled up the third tank of 89 octane yesterday. The second tank was 62.002 litres and a total of 660.0 kms. So that gives a mileage of 9.39l/100km, still better than most of the 87 octane tanks but not by such a large margin.

Currently on the final tank of 89 octane so the next fill up will be 91 octane. Stay tuned.
category: The Gas Experiment posted on Thursday October 28, 2004 at 19:52:28 by: 0xCC

Gas Experiment Update

If you missed the introduction to my Gas Experiment you can check out the entries by clicking here.

Yesterday I filled up my second tank of 89 octane. While I would get right around 600 kms on a tank of 87 octane gas I managed to get over 700 kms with the 89 octane. That works out to almost a full litre per 100 kms less than the 87 octane. At an average of 5.5-6 cents difference between the two octane levels, does this make financial sense? Let's see. Say 6 cents difference to be conservative. Say 60 litres of gas. So yesterday 87 octane was 78.4 cents which would have cost me $47.04 and if I got a ball park 600 kms out of that it cost me 7.84 cents a kilometre. The 89 octane was 84.4 cents so a 60 litre tank would have cost me $50.64 for 700kms would be 7.23 cents a kilometre. It looks like on the first tank of gas of 89 octane that the 89 octane makes more sense. Two more tanks of 89 octane left before I can come to any sort of conclusion though. This one tank could have been a fluke. Maybe it wasn't as windy, maybe I did a little more highway driving, maybe I wasn't quite as heavy on the gas pedal. We shall see...
category: The Gas Experiment posted on Friday October 15, 2004 at 08:57:27 by: 0xCC

The Gas Experiment

The Backgrounder:
In April of this year we took ownership of a new (new to us, it is a 2002) car. The old (a 1996 model, different brand) car had a 1.9L 4 cylinder engine and was manual and the suggested octane level was 87 or regular. The new car has a 2.4L 5 cylinder engine with turbo and is automatic with a suggested octane level of 91, generally the highest level of octane. I know the previous (and only) owner of the new (to us) car and he always just put regular or 87 octane in the car and never had any problems with it (i.e. no engine knocking). So that is what we have been putting in the car since we took ownership. There's more...
category: The Gas Experiment posted on Thursday October 07, 2004 at 12:59:52 by: 0xCC

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