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How to ruin a good cup of coffee

I made myself a great cup of coffee this morning. It was probably the best cup of coffee I've had in over a month. Just the right balance of body and flavour without being too bitter or overpowering. Short of having roasted the beans myself it was pretty close to the best cup of coffee I think I could make. It was so good I went to get another cup from the pot but it was too late, I had already ruined the rest of the pot.

Normally I only make one cup of coffee in the morning. It is a big cup, probably 500ml (around 16oz I think) but I only make one. This morning M asked me to make some extra coffee because she wanted to bring some to some one later in the day. Ok fine, I can do that. Pull out the coffee maker that I don't normally use. How much coffee? How much water? How much does that thermos that M wants to take hold? Did I put too much coffee in the filter basket? Not enough water? Ok, add some more water but take a cup out of the pot first so there would be enough room to hold the extra water I just added. Yes, that is a good cup of coffee.

After doing some work I go back to the kitchen and remember that I actually had a pot of coffee brewing. Fill up the thermos that M wants to take and still have a good portion of coffee left. Pour myself another cup and... Too watered down now, barely more flavour than a cup of coffee from that Canadian institution.

Oh well, back to making a single cup tomorrow.
category: General posted on Friday October 03, 2008 at 10:27:18 by: 0xCC