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Back From Vacation

We just got back from a little vacation a couple of days ago. I have a couple of posts brewing and I will post one of them before the end of the month.

In the meantime (just to give a little hint of what I'm going to post about) take a look at this article in last week's Toronto Star by James Daw. The Ontario government has made some changes to the dividend tax credit that put Ontario's taxes in line with the federal government's taxes on dividends. In particular note the level of income an individual can have before paying any income taxes if their only income source is dividends.
category: General posted on Monday August 28, 2006 at 08:26:00 by: 0xCC

Hot Hazy Summer Days

It has been scorching hot here in Southern Ontario the last few days. A couple of nights ago the low was 26 degrees C which Google tells me is about 78 F. That was the overnight low. The daytime highs have been in the 36-38 C (98-100 F) range with the humidex values in the 47-48 (116-119 F) range. Very hot. Trying to cope with these temperatures without air conditioning has been challenging. I think that we may replace the furnace in the fall and get AC along with that.

Anyway, I have been on a bit of a buying spree lately. As I write this I am looking at a new LCD display that is quite nice (although I think I am pushing the limits of my video card with it). Also on Thursday I had a friend from work help me pick up a new barbeque (he has a minivan that works out well for those kinds of big items). M and I were assembling the barbeque together on Friday night and she went inside to get something. Less than five seconds later I heard her screaming from inside and looked up to see her running back outside as fast as she could. My first reaction was that there was a wasp or something inside that she was running from but just as she got to the door I saw something fly over her shoulder and turn back towards the inside of the house. For a second I thought it was a bird. As I looked more closely once M was outside I recognized a very familiar flight pattern.

It was only about 7:00 in the evening when this happened so I'm not really sure what this guy was doing out at that time:

He decided after a little bit of flying around that he would just hang out and not really show much interest in going back outside. After it got dark I had to convince him with a broom and a flashlight that it was in his best interest to go outside for the night (of course I had to take a bunch of pictures before doing that). He begrudgingly agreed.
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