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Where's my hammer?

You can't be serious! I can't understand why people allowed her to keep her seat.

It seems like in less than 24 months we will get to do this whole thing over again. A least there was a change and the Liberals got the kick that they deserved.

So what will Harper's team be able to do before being forced into another election? I predict that the $1200 child-care thing won't happen (there isn't support from any other party for that, the Bloc already has good child care although they might support more cash in the people's pockets, the NDP and the Liberals want government-funded child care), the GST cut probably will happen and I think the capital gains tax thing is a coin toss.

So let's all set a date in the next 24 months or so, we'll get together, grab a hammer and hit ourselves in the head a few times again.

Oh, and Jack Layton should have said that they did a little Trooper on the bus. That would have made Rick happy.
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Comments back on

I have turned comments back on because I have installed a comment moderation plug-in. I will see how this goes, I turned comments off awhile ago because I was getting comment spam but hopefully this will improve things.
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I have been working a little bit on my other website over the last couple of months. Emphasis on little bit. I have a basic structure set up, or at least the way that I want the site layout to work. I have an idea for how I want the site to flow and I have the basic home page up. I wanted to have a separate blog on that site as well as an articles section and all the 'normal' web site stuff like an about page (which is lacking on this site) and a contact page and a spot for the web app I am currently working on. I have Word Press installed on that site for what I plan to be the blog area but I don't have any content on there yet.

I haven't looked into Word Press too much (Dreamhost offers it as a one-click install) but I don't quite get it. I took a closer look at Textpattern this morning and at a first glance it looks like it will do everything that I want to do with the other site. So I might be playing around with that later this weekend. I also have a couple of ideas for some testing/fleshing out of my currently very basic web app that I want to work on this weekend.
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Happy Belated New Year!

How did that happen? It's 2006. It's almost 2 weeks into 2006. It has been more than a month since my last post (although I did try to post once since my last post but Nucleus ate the post somehow).

The holidays were pretty quick for me. My last day of work in 2005 was December 23 and my first day of work in 2006 was January 2 which came way too quickly. Even though the holidays were too short I had a good time with family and a good, relaxing time with m for the part of the week not taken up by the family Christmas stuff. Speaking of the family Christmas stuff I got a few really cool presents for Christmas.

The first one is a Chef's jacket that I got from my brother. It is one of those double-breasted looking white jackets that you see professional chefs wear. I find that when I am doing something as simple as cooking dinner or as complicated as making chocolate-dipped biscotti I end up with stuff on my clothes. Having a chef's jacket to protect against that is great.

The next good present was this book from my parents: Programming Ruby which I hope will help me with the Rails development I am working on for another site.

And the third really good present was one of these, a Nikon D50. This one I sort of bought for myself but m kept me in suspense by not allowing me to touch the camera until Christmas day even though we had it 8 days before.

Beyond the New Year/Christmas stuff I wanted to outline a bit of a plan for the upcoming year. I don't really want to use the R-word to describe these but I will call them goals for the year. So I think I know what sort of general direction I want to take over the next year in a few areas. First for this website I would like to set a goal of posting at least once a week. I have been thinking of posting once a month (as a minimum) on four different topics: Personal Finance, Software Development, Fitness/Training, and since I now have the D50 a 'Photo of the Month'. Second, for my new website I would like to set a goal of posting one training-related article a month. My plan is for the articles on my new site to be more specific, to follow a theme for the year and to be more 'rigorous' than the articles I post here.

I also have some specific goals for our portfolio/net worth as well as for what I want to accomplish with my other site/app but I will save that for another post. I have to make sure I have something to post about next week. The next post is seven days or less away.
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