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And the hits just keep on coming.

What a strange week so far.

This morning I was getting my breakfast ready when I heard what I thought was a neighbour dropping some boxes or something. Immediately after that there was a noise that sounded like an alarm of some sort going off, just a constant noise. The noise continued for a couple of minutes and kept on going. I decided to take a look out the front door to see what was going on. Going out my front door the noise was louder. I went upstairs and changed out of my around the house clothes and went down the street to investigate.

Walking down the street I saw that at the end of the street that there was a broken off branch in the middle of the road (the street I live on ends at a sort of major road). There was a few people running around and a small crowd of on-lookers. Then I saw the car. It was head-first against a large maple tree with the roof smashed down and smoke coming out from under the hood. The noise was the horn of the car. I could see a path of torn up ground where the car must have rolled at least once before coming to rest, right side up, agianst the tree. The car was so twisted that neither of the back wheels were actually touching the ground. I couldn't see anyone in the driver's seat but some one was helping the person in the passenger seat and said that there were two people trapped. Some one else was asking people for a fire extinguisher. I quickly became aware that I wasn't helping the situation at all and that since the people were trapped there wasn't really anything to do (besides get a fire extinguisher) but wait for the fire department to show up. As I walked back to my house I heard the sirens and shortly after the fire engine went by my house.

This all happened before 7:00am this morning. It is now after 11:30 and the police are still at the end of the street and appear to have the major road closed since there is a constant stream of cars going by our house (we live on a corner, one of the streets runs the same direction as the major street that is now closed). There has been news cars from CTV, Global and The A Channel (formerly the New VR) parked in front of my house. I am going to be watching the noon news to see what exactly happened. I have a feeling that the driver didn't fair very well...

Now for the updates from yesterday. It appears that the lake draining was by accident. The conservation authority that manages the lake/river does some sort of routine checking of the dam by lowering the water level a little bit. When they did this on Tuesday by opening the chute they couldn't get it closed again.

As for the smoke on Monday night, that was from a fire about 1.5-2 kilometres from our house. It was a Lion's Club building. Apparently they evacuated the surrounding neighbourhood because of the worry about noxious fumes. Arson appears to be the cause of the fire although the Fire Marshall's office isn't confirming that yet. We did a run by there this morning and there were police/Fire Marshall vehicles there and the area was taped off.

So it has been a very interesting week around here so far...

Update: According to the evening news the driver of that car managed to kill himself. 18 years old, police estimate the car was going at least 100 km/h in a 50 km/h zone and the rear tires of the 944 turbo he was driving were bald. When I saw the car less than 5 minutes after the crash I couldn't even tell that there was some one in the driver's seat.
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Strange Happenings

Strange things are going on around our house. I am on vacation this week and m and I decided that we didn't want to go anywhere this week (three weeks ago we rented a cottage near Port Carling for a week). So we are just hanging around at home, doing some things around the house we have wanted to get done.

Yesterday evening we decided we wanted to take a walk down to the library (about a 15 minute walk). On the way we walk by a park that has a 'lake' in it (more like a wide creek). At the north end of this lake there is a bit of a dam that used to be used to generate electricity for the town. Ever since we have moved here the dam (which is more like a wall with a chute on one side that could be opened to direct the water through the turbine) always just had water flowing over the top. On the way home from the library last night we noticed that water was coming out the chute and that the 'lake' was now mostly a mud flat with a creek running through the middle. Very strange. The only thing we can think of is they are draining the lake because of the missing 25 year old woman in the area (she has been missing for a week now. Part of that story here.).

Then at 4:00am this morning m woke up because there was some people making some noise outside. Shortly after waking up she (and of course that meant me as well) became aware that something wasn't right. There was a distinct smell of acrid smoke in the air. Looking outside we could see the smoke hanging in the air through the glow of the streetlights. M did a little more investigating and she was thinking that there seemed to be some activity in the park that might explain the smoke.

I am going now to find out what is going on. Stay tuned for updates...
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